Mobile Robot I/O Project

Mobile Robot is a project to build self driving video camera for under 500 dollars!

Red Eye manages streams of videos from cameras like the Raspberry Pi appropriate for real time navigation, storage and replay.

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Project Overview

This website is about the Mobile Robot Project: the discovery of available technologies pertinant to building an affordable mobile video camera, the engineering process used to develop a production ready, industrial strength vehical. I will, of course include my own implementation of these finding, right here in this website. FOO

The end goal is to build an industrial strength mobile rover with a video camera ready for production environments. the discovery of available technologies pertinant to building and afforable mobile vehicle, the engineering process necessary to develop an industrial strength device. And of course, our own implementation of said Robot.

  • MIT Race Car
  • F1 UPenn Race
  • TODO Other great resources
  • Jetson Nano

Todo ~ Home Page

  • rewrite the last paragraph of the intro
  • block diagram of project
  • picture of actual robot