Software Engineering for IoT

Micro Controllers, Fleet Management and Cloud Automation

Project Overview

Mobile Robot is an Software Development Agency that specializes in Robotics and Computer Vision for manufactures to bring their

OttO the Controller

A micro server for micro controllers

OttO is a light weight, fast and reliable, industrial strength Micro Server for Micro Controllers. Suitable for products that built around small Single Board Computers (SBC) like the Raaspberry Pi and other linux based systems.

Features Include

OttO is a modularized server that can can be customized with exactly the functionality required for a specific application.

You do not need to spend scarce resources developing critical but redundant infrastructure. The type of things that seem to get in the way until something goes wrong in the field, for example logging.

Write your application and compile into OttO, OR, build a plugin and add it to a running version of OttO.

  • Web App Server :: Perfect for Single Page Apps (SPA)
  • REST API add your own end points with a path and a callback.
  • Websockets for bi-directional real time communication between the server and web browser.
  • MQTT and other messaging protocols for IoT Choreography
  • Structured Logging / Perfect for ELK stack
  • TODO Authentication

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RedEye Intelligent Video Network

Streaming Video Network for Computer Vision

Streaming Video and Computer Vision are on an upword tear, making their way into all sorts of applications, not to mention Robotics and Industrial Controls.

Intelligent Video Network (IVN)

With the proliferation of inexpensive, yet decent quality cameras available as USB cameras and the popular CSI style camera (from mobile devices) found on the Raspberry Pi and Arduinos allow for the potential of some really fascinating applications that include:

  • Networks of video streams over an IP network
  • Cameras can be controlled by Humans or Machines
  • Video streams can pass through custom Computer Vision Pipelines
  • ClipDB can be used to store, tag and search clips based on lots criteria.

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Software Process

The process will set you free

Best practices and processes mean everything!

Sensor Station I/O

Gather store and analyze sensor data.

Data is pooring out of every sensor and device on the planet, that data is to be collected, processed, stored, analyzed, viewed and used to make more intelligent decisions.

Sensor Station was built to help with doing just that. Sensor Station can enhance an existing network of devices or be the foundation of a greenfield deployment of a new fleet of sensors.

Builds on OttO

  • Total control over what is collected and when
  • Powerful data scrubbing pipes
  • Plugin various local storages
  • Supports InfluxDB & Prometheus databases
  • Customizable real-time dashboard with Kibana and Grafana

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