Mobile Robot I/O is an actvie project of to develop a mobile video camera for under $500!

The version of mobile robot I am trying to build here is of the Rover Style Vehical 4 wheeled, skid steer persuation. It must be capable of streaming live video while being controlled remotely by human or on vehical by software, at the humans descretion, at least for now any way…

An even more ambitious goal has the vehicle using the live video stream as an input to perform it’s Guidance & Navigation function. This will most likely be accomplished by feeding an AI like framework such as OpenCV to perform some specific Machine Learning algorithms.

Project Goals and Objectives

In building this project, I set out to state the major goals and objectives, primarily to keep myself focused on an end object with a very measurable goal, that can be marked as complete.

Here are the high level objectives:

  • Vehical that can be controlled by humans with a remote control
  • live video stream for human consumption
  • live video stream fed to computer vision software
  • video and image storage for post/static processing
  • self guided control software

The choice of human vs. computer controlled lies at the discretion of the human (for now), except, perhaps, in cases that the human looses communication with the vehicle.

This website basically documents the results, mistakes and what I have discovered a long the way, both discovery the best way to build the vehicle, notes, and practicle and useable advice from the production lines.

Agency [Ignore This Solicitation!]

Please do not read this if solicitations offend you!

I will happily take on a few programming gigs to help fund this effort! Also, I would like put together an agency that specializes in building customized automation and robotic systems with modern hardware.

About This Website

This website is a static website written in markdown, HTML is generated by Hugo with the help of Go Templates.

The server for this website is hosted by a virtual server at Digital Ocean. The CDN for MobileRobot.io is provided by Digital Ocean Spaces at digital ocean.

The repository for all sources are under the github repo.

I just added Google Analytics to the site, let’s see if we get any visitors. At the time of this writing, I am pretty much talking to myself.

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