Mobile Robot Projects

See the lower half of the projects page for a list of active projects.

As it turns out building a Robot is complicated, one of the many challenges of building a working robot is achieving a satisfactory level of many full time disciplines, including but not limited to: mechanics and materials, electronics and power, software and communication, these are just high level disciplines, each of these categories involves many specialties.

Here are Some Interesting and Active Projects

The list that follows represents the active mobile robot projects. There are a lot of ways to follow along or get involved. Interested in electronics and power? Want to develop better steering mechanics, interested in software communications, vision processing or machine learning?

Follow or Get Involved

The Mobile Robot Project is really a gathering of some very interesting and moderately complex sub-projects. I certainly can’t do this all myself, so I strongly encourage you to get involved!

Even if that does mean, just giving some advice from the trenches!

Red Eye manages streams of videos from cameras like the Raspberry Pi appropriate for real time navigation, storage and replay.